vision & mission


Our Vision & Mission


Patama Adijaya Steel is a building contractor and steel fabricator company, operating in Tangerang, Banten Indonesia. We specialises in the civil and steel construction for large commercial and industrial buildings. Since our founding days in 1982, we always try to deliver the very best of our effort in delivering our products and services. It is our vision to be the leader in the construction industry.

We strive to build sustainable and environmentally-friendly buildings for our customers, while giving value-added to society and the environment at the same time. We do this by giving a great customer service and delivering each and every projects on time and with exceptional quality. We continue to improve our working methodology and update our technology both in construction software as well as construcion machinery to stay ahead of the competition and to keep our operation lean and efficient.

We build and maintain a trusting and long-lasting relationship with our customers and suppliers to help deliver a smooth supply chain  operations.

We always look to develop our people to the next level in terms of the professional knowledge and skills as well as character building.

We strive to create value for our shareholders.